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Meet some of the Characters:

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Name: Inspector White Tip

Role in the Neighbourhood: Investigate matters in the Neighbourhood.

Watcher: Stripes

Whisperer: Curly Whiskers

Enemies: One Fang and Old Ginger Paws.

Name: Stripes

Role in the Neighbourhood: Watcher

Observing point: The roof of her human’s house.

Name: Curly Whiskers

Role in the Neighbourhood: Whisperer

Favourite way to greet cats: A swipe with a paw.

Name: One Fang

Role in the Neighbourhood: My number one enemy, and being a general bully.

Best friend: Old Ginger Paws

Name: Old Ginger Paws

Role in the Neighbourhood: Being One Fang’s back up, even though he’s a runner.

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