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Character Inspiration

This is the first proper writing process blog that I have ever done, but I felt that it was important to discuss some of the writing techniques that I use. Some of my fellow writer pals have asked about where authors get their character names from, so I decided to write a blog post in response to their question.

Names are fairly straight forward for me because they usually involve some of the cat’s characteristics – Squirrel has a squirrel tail; Ebony and Jet are black cats and Stripes is a tortoiseshell cat. This isn’t particularly unique as other authors, including Roald Dahl, used this as a visual aid for readers. This is their Neighbourhood name. I explain that cats have human names that we usually don’t use in the Neighbourhood.

The characteristics of cats are quite simple. I use what we see in the Neighbourhood from the watchers and whisperers, and what I see myself from my investigations. Some of the cats you read are the ones who my humans have seen me have land fights with. Both One Fang and Old Ginger Paws are my enemies. Sometimes I get further inspiration from my furriends.

As an author it’s important that I continue my investigations and complete my writing to ensure that I get the best of both worlds. The more I see of the cats, the more they develop in characteristics, including some of my enemies. For example, the Skittle Twins are runners so I spend less of my time with them. Plus, I really don’t trust them, so I try to steer clear of their company, especially when they betrayed me. Curly Whiskers is my whisperer, so I see him a lot more, and I tell his story, which will develop even more in the second book. One Fang and Old Ginger Paws are my regular enemies, and I often spar with at least one of them, so they also appear throughout the books.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Paws to you!

Inspector White Tip

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