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I've Hit The Tuna

Updated: May 4, 2021

Imagine a human has a popular blog, then imagine that human reading your book, writing a review and commending it.

Well, that was just what happened this week. Lockdown has meant that I have had to take my paws from my mouse pad and shy away from the locked-down Neighbourhood. Us cats are locked-down too you know. The Male One has been working from home, so it's meant that I can't necessarily meet with Stripes and Curly as often as I would like, as he gets rather suspicious, and then chases them from our land.

This puts me in Stripes' bad books, and I still need for her to watch the Neighbourhood for me, and tell me what One Fang and his gang are up to. Curly's found a spot on my land that he's quite taken with, and as a black cat, he's almost impossible to spot. The Male One wears glasses, and being observant isn't his strong point, I can't lie, so Curly is almost free to spend as much time as he wants on my land. The trouble is if the Male One sees us together he'll assume that we're eyeing up for a land fight. It doesn't matter how much I try to show him that I'm calm. Of course I'm eager to go outside and find out the tuna, but then the Male One comes out too, to make sure that he leaves, which is less than convenient.

So, putting my book out there has been, well tricky. Then, the Duchess received an email from the human with the blog about my book. I was seriously nervous at first, because even though I care little for what humans have to say, this one keeps cats, so that's an opinion that I wanted to know. I sat on the Duchess' lap whilst she read the review, and I was delighted to read what she wrote. Other humans have contacted the Duchess since then, also commending my investigation.

Happy Catting!

Inspector White Tip

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