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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Besides a watcher, most cats have a whisperer, mine is Curly Whiskers. Whisperers are those cats who seem to find the best hiding places and stick low to the ground. Often they are black cats, because they are harder to spot. They might choose to find a perfect spot underneath cars; amongst flowers or behind bins. They might be more inconspicuous to humans, as they spend most of their time in hiding. Their hiding ability might also better equip them as hunters. If you regularly receive a present from your cat, without warning, you probably have a whisperer.

Whisperers are usually heard rather seen. They have to network with other cats in the Neighbourhood, to share the tuna. They can be sociable with other cats. You might’ve heard the occasional conversation.

To truly identify a conversation or a cat fight, check for the presence of claws. If you hear cats yowling, check for the presence of claws. If retracted, the cats could be whisperers, who are simply excited to share the tuna. Try not to alert other cats to the presence of a whisperer; it is their job to get all the tuna they can from the Neighbourhood, without being seen. Please remember a cat’s got to cat.

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