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Stripes’ Guide for finding a Watcher

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Earlier this week, I asked Stripes for her guide to looking for watchers. Of course, she didn’t want to type this herself because she was busy watching the Neighbourhood. I asked her for tips for finding a decent cat watcher.

‘Watchers are cats who like to sit in high up places – like on roofs, in trees or on fences and watch what is happening in the Neighbourhood. However, not all cats found in these places are watchers.

The difference between a watcher and a cat who simply observes, is their attention to detail and their intention for being there. An observer might tell other cats that they love ‘cat watching’, but to know if they’re a watcher, you should check whether or not they fall asleep. A cat who takes their eyes off the Neighbourhood, even for a second, is usually an observer and not a cat who you would want as a watcher. If they’re grooming themselves – they are not a watcher. If they become distracted by anything that flies – they are not a watcher.

It sounds strict, but attention to detail is important for knowing the tuna in the Neighbourhood. No cat wants to return to their land, to find other cats taking territory, and yes, some watchers have claimed that this happened whilst they blinked. Cats don’t blink for three seconds at a time, and that’s all the time needed for another cat to be trespassing on their land. Watchers – at least decent ones, train themselves not to react. We only come down from our observing spots in emergencies, or because we have been summoned by the Cat Council. There have been occasions where the Cat Council have held their meetings at the observing points, but this depends on the chairman, and can leave watchers vulnerable, if only some of the cats can climb high.

The cats who happen to be in high places by accident, are usually the cats who were chasing other cats away, or hunting. Yes they might discover some tuna whilst there, which is useful, but can they climb back up to that spot with ease? If not, then they’re not a watcher.’

It’s tricky to find a decent watcher. I’ve been working with Stripes for over four years, and without shadow of a doubt, she is the best that I know.

Paws to you!

Inspector White Tip

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