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Sharing the Tuna

A few weeks ago I decided to share one of my investigations with a writer friend, and today it has been published on Stoney’s guest blog!

For those of you wishing to check this out, here’s the link:

I know what you are thinking – why didn’t White Tip just continue sharing the tuna on here? Who is this Stoney fellow? How did he get his name? Is he going to come for my land? They’re all good questions.

First and foremost, sometimes the tuna needs to be shared, and I thought that if I had a wider audience, I might be able to get in touch with a cat, who might get me better contacts with Santa. It’s been four years now, and I’m still waiting.

As mentioned above, Stoney is a fellow writer, a human writer, so I’m guessing that the answers to these questions are, that being a human, a human parent had to have given him his name and more importantly, no he is not coming for your land. Hopefully, this will keep your tail thin and your fur flat knowing that there’s no threat to your territory.

Happy Catting,

Inspector White Tip

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