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My New Investigation

Usually my investigations involve things that are happening around the Neighbourhood, but this one is a little closer to home.

I knew that the Male One was up to something yesterday. First he walked in with a ladder. Then, he brought lots of boxes downstairs. I thought it was strange because cat box days should be Sunday; that was the tuna in the Neighbourhood. I went to climb in and enjoy ripping up my box, but the Male One shooed me away as he started to pull out lots of fancy balls with string on.

Next, the Male One stood up some reindeer statues right where I like to sit on the windowsill. I made sure he knew what I thought of them, so I jumped up, and batted the large one down. I thought it was mean to do that to the smaller one, it was probably only a baby. The Male One lifted me off my windowsill and plopped me on the floor!

That started to make my whiskers twitch, so I sat at the door and went across to my 8 o’clock cuddles. I came back to find a tree stood in the corner, with lights blinking at me. Well I knew that the humans had to have done that for me, so I pounced on the wire, and was sent outside. I’d only been in the house for a couple of minutes, and it was raining!

I came into the house – eventually. I thought that the tree was going to come down, but it was still there when I came home. Apparently it’s going to stay up for another month, and if I keep attacking the blinking lights, I’m not allowed in the house until just before bed. I think that’s unfair. It’s getting cold outside.

I don’t see what the fuss is about. It’s a tree. There are lots of them around the Neighbourhood – what’s the big deal? I’ll have to speak to Curly and see what the tuna is.

Paws for now,

Inspector White Tip

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