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Help with Remote Learning

The humans in the house have been talking about something called ‘remote learning’ and ‘home learning’. I had no idea what this was, even Curly Whiskers and Stripes struggled with this. I had to stick around the humans to find out what they were talking about.

I think I have it now. I know that remote means somewhere else, and home learning probably means learning from home, which cats do all of the time. The Duchess wondered how she could help with this and I thought it was a decent idea.

Copyright laws mean that humans cannot share copies of our book ‘Inspector White Tip – A Watcher’s Mistake’ online, unless they take photocopies (English law). Both parents and teachers want children to access books, because we only get better at reading if we actually read. So, we decided that we would be happy to place an extract from Chapter 1 onto the website. Should teachers or parents want to use this, we just ask that you send us a notification email first to ask for permission. If you are so wowed, and want to reduce screen time, so would rather a paperback version, if you email on the website we can provide information for getting wholesale copies. The more copies you buy, the cheaper it will be. The Ebook and Kindle versions are lovely to have, but they do not contain the lovely illustrations.

Of course the Male One wanted his input and said, “I think you could add some more resources.” Honestly! – when does he think that I will get to nap and sleep? Does he not understand that a cat’s got to cat! Then I realised that what he meant was, for The Duchess to do this, so I started to relax a little bit, but this does mean that she won’t be able to cuddle me when she is busy making these resources.

A little information about the book for parents and teachers – it is aimed at readers aged 9-14 years of age, but anyone above this age who loves cats, will hopefully enjoy this. In the UK, this would be children who are in Year 5, and in the US children in 4th Grade. As we are in the UK, the spellings of Neighbourhood, colour and favour do include a ‘u’ and the spellings are based on British English.

Paws to you!

Inspector White Tip