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10 Days To Go!

Hi Furrends,

It’s just ten days now until the publication of my new book Inspector White Tip – A Watcher’s Mistake. I have been reading my proofs, to make sure that the tuna was just how I left it.

During that time, I had to take some time away because I found one of the Neighbourhood cats making a bee-line for my eight o’clock cuddles. If it had been last week or the week before I would have understood, because fireworks can play havoc with our senses. Most of us don’t care for the loud noises, or the smell of fireworks. However, it wasn’t last week, there were no fireworks, it was one of One Fang’s gang thinking that they could expand their land. The worst thing was that I was caked in mud, like a dog! The Male One thought that I might need a bath, but I told

him my thoughts on that.

As I sat down to read my proof again last night, two dogs decided to have a little bit of a bark off. I made sure I gave them my best disapproving look through the window. Anyway, after my little nap of ten hours, I decided to get back on it. So far, I am very impressed with what I have seen. It was meow for meow, so that’s good. I’m sat poised as I paw through the rest of the book.

Paws to you!

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